Seatrec Names Johan Bergenas to Advisory Board

Seatrec Names Johan Bergenas to Advisory Board

Bergenas joins the board as a sustainability advisor bringing deep substantive, technology, and policy experience to boost Seatrec’s ocean data collection mission with their newly launched  infiniTEFloat


VISTA, Calif. (Feb. 20, 2024) – Seatrec, a renewable energy company that harvests energy from temperature differences in the environment, today announces the appointment of Johan Bergenas to its Advisory Board as a sustainability advisor. Bergenas is the Senior Vice President of Oceans at the World Wildlife Fund and has served in several senior positions at the intersection of environmental policy, technology, and innovation.

“Johan brings a deep commitment to protecting the health of the oceans, as well as a wealth of experience in building and operating businesses that create positive change,” says Yi Chao, Ph.D., CEO and founder of Seatrec. “His insight and guidance will serve us well as we continue to expand the commercialization of our clean, renewable energy technology to significantly increase ocean data collection possibilities for scientific and commercial endeavors.”

Prior to Bergenas’ role overseeing World Wildlife Fund programs focused on ocean health, climate resilience, and environmental security, he worked at Paul Allen’s Vulcan developing, launching, and scaling science and technology programs worldwide. A former technology startup co-founder and CEO, Bergenas also led programming at the intersection of the environment, national security, and technology at the Stimson Center and the Monterey Institute.

“The health of the world’s oceans is in crisis and we need new, innovative solutions to help better understand and protect the oceans while ensuring the livelihoods of those who depend on its bounty,” explains Bergenas. “Seatrec’s infiniTE float is the first subsea robot powered by clean and renewable energy. This sustainable float enables scientists to profile more frequently and integrate high power sensors to capture data previously impossible on existing solutions.” 

Seatrec’s pioneering energy harvesting system uses phase change materials to harness energy from temperature differences between the ocean’s various depths. These materials contract and expand creating pressure that’s captured and converted into electricity. The clean, virtually limitless energy allows scientists to power autonomous vehicles and sensors away from shore without direct ship support. 

The company recently won funding from NOAA to build an autonomous profiling float powered by the ocean’s temperature differences to study the underwater soundscape and announced a separate initiative in partnership with the University of Southern Mississippi to deploy floats in the Gulf of Mexico to improve hurricane forecasting and monitor the critically endangered Rice’s Whale. Last year, Seatrec announced the commercial launch of a first-of-its-kind modular platform that provides power to support  “plug-and-play” sensor suites. 

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Seatrec designs and manufactures energy harvesting systems that generate electricity from naturally occurring temperature differences in ocean waters. This renewable energy can be used to power deep water oceanographic research equipment such as floats, gliders, and autonomous underwater vehicles, resulting in the most scalable, cost-effective deep ocean data collection possible. Incorporated in 2016 by CEO, Dr. Yi Chao, Seatrec’s technology originated at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, to provide clean power for remote off-grid locations. The company is headquartered in Vista, CA. Visit us at and @seatrecinc.


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