Meet David Christian

Mechanical Engineer

The Energy Guy

David Christian is a mechanical engineer at Seatrec. Prior to joining Seatrec, David worked at American Lithium Energy, a battery R&D company where he performed machine troubleshooting and maintenance as well as lead the development of a Class III medical project. He also has a background in industrial lamination and coating machinery.

Before becoming an engineer, David started school as an art major focusing on graphic design. He took a break to serve a religious mission in Cambodia for a couple of years, which impassioned him into doing something he felt more worthwhile. He developed an interest in renewable energy and switched to Mechanical Engineering.

A modern jack of all trades, David received his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from BYU-Idaho. In his program, he focused on CAD, robotics, and manufacturing, but he also completed projects in computer vision, biomedical engineering, and MEMS. In school, he was also an active member of fencing, capoeira, bluegrass ensemble, and Native American Heritage clubs, and maintains an interest in those subjects to this day.

Patent pending:

Numerical simulation of insulin depot formation in subcutaneous tissue comparing different cannula geometries (November 12, 2016, ASME IMECE)

Numerical Simulation of Insulin Depot Formation in Subcutaneous Tissue (July 14, 2016, ASME FEDSM)

Numerical simulation of insulin depot formation and absorption in subcutaneous tissue modeled as a porous media (June 16, 2016, California State University, Northridge)

On Land and On Sea

Fun facts:

Maker of cigar-box guitars and ocarinas






Starting new hobbies, musical instruments, languages, gardening, and reading.


Fencing, Swimming, Hiking, Martial Arts


Making things in general


Proud father to a small hurricane of a child

Bucket list:

Publish a book, learn to surf, see Aurora Borealis, build an upright bass


Southeast Asia, East Asia, Siberia

Dream Job:

Making renewable energy more mainstream, maybe also a part-time writer

“It's still magic even if you know how it's done.”

Terry Pratchett, "A Hat Full of Sky"