To Understand Our Climate, We Must Understand Our Ocean

At Seatrec, our mission is to develop sustainable, cost-effective ways for scientists to measure and understand the ocean and marine life. We believe this is the best way to protect it, requiring new collaborations with critical stakeholders worldwide. Toward that end, Seatrec has launched the following unifying initiatives:

Project FIND

Float Innovation & New Discovery

Provides underrepresented oceanographers with world-class, sustainable technologies to measure and help save the ocean.

Project NEMO

Novel Echosounder to Map the Ocean

The “Last Great Expedition” to cost-effectively map the seafloor of the world’s most remote areas. By changing the status quo, our projects can address the challenges in understanding the ocean.

Project FISH

Fast Insights to Scope Hurricanes

Promotes collaborations with fishing associations, charters, and world-class anglers to promote ocean science by sharing transportation costs when bluetech or scientists need to deploy oceanic equipment quickly

Project WHALE

Monitor Whales Behavior in Real-Time

A dedicated collective of scientists, innovators, and creatives driven by the pressing need to monitor whales (including the critically endangered Rice's Whale, whose population is alarmingly in just double digits).