Powering Up Ocean Profiling And Sensing

Seatrec’s patented energy harvesting solutions transform what is possible for ocean data collection. By directly addressing power challenges, we create new possibilities for data gathering and ocean profiling.

Profiling Float Available today with CTD Sensors

Seatrec’s  infiniTE™ float is the first subsurface ocean profiling platform powered by clean, renewable energy to address the power constraints of traditional floats. By combining an autonomous profiling float with our proprietary energy harvesting system, we generate electricity from the ocean’s temperature differences, to power sensors that are not feasible on existing profiling floats. Our baseline configuration includes a CTD sensor and can profile three times a day to a depth of 1,000 meters. (Need to go deeper? We offer a 2,000-meter version upon request.)

Hydrophones for Soundscape Monitoring

In partnership with Professor John Joseph from the Naval Postgraduate School, Seatrec is developing a first-of-its-kind float, equipped with an icListen RB9 hydrophone from Ocean Sonics. This float will enable passive acoustic listening to better understand soundscapes and monitoring of marine mammals. Currently in beta trials, we anticipate a product release in early 2024.  (We recently received a grant from NOAA for our work in ocean soundscape monitoring. In collaboration with Integral Consulting, Seatrec will integrate and test a directional hydrophone manufactured by GeoSpectrum Technologies on our infiniTETM float.)

Echosounders for Seafloor Mapping

Our infiniTE float is undergoing beta testing for seafloor mapping. We’re proud to collaborate with Airmar Technology, Innomar Technologie, as well as  Professors Larry Mayer (UNH) and David Sandwell (Scripps). Together,  we’re integrating a single-beam echosounder into our platform. This innovative concept, inspired by Project NEMO (Novel Echosounder to Map the Ocean), aims to capture ocean floor data in the most remote regions of the ocean. We gearing up for the commercial launch of the echosounder float in 2024.

More Sensors. More Profiling Possibilities.

By eliminating power bottlenecks, we’ve sparked interest from sensor manufacturers and oceanographers eager to integrate a wide array of sensors—from oxygen optodes to zooplankton detectors—on our infiniTE platform. If sustainable autonomous profiling aligns with your subsea research objectives, reach out to us. Explore how Seatrec’s infiniTE platform can amplify your research capabilities.

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