Powering up Underwater Drones

Seatrec offers a family of energy harvesting technologies to power underwater robots (ocean floats and gliders), platforms, and sensors in support of ocean research, national defense, and commercial industries.

SL1-Powered Profiling Float

Seatrec’s SL1 transforms the growing array of vertically-profiling robotic probes currently deployed in the global ocean as part of an international observing network. The SL1 can dramatically extend float lifetime, increase profiling rates, reduce cost per profile, and support energy-intensive sensors for biogeochemical and acoustical studies. The SL1 is available for integration with profiling floats, including the BGC Argo variant of the Sea-Bird Scientific Navis Profiling Float. And, if you need to increase energy generation, simply attach twin SL1 units or order a customized system to meet your specifications. We’ve proven the ability to reach operating depths of 1000m, with plans to develop a system to reach 2000m and deeper. The Navis-SL1 float is now available. Contact for more information.

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SLG-Powered Underwater Glider

Seatrec is currently developing an energy harvesting system for use on gliders (“SLG”). The modular system will be capable of retrofitting existing gliders with minor changes to existing glider architecture or sensor payload, and will dramatically increase endurance while decreasing operations and maintenance costs. We are preparing for field trials in Q1 2021 and our product release shortly after.  For pre-order, contact for more information.

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