Powering up Underwater Drones

Seatrec offers a family of energy harvesting technologies to power underwater robots (ocean floats and gliders), platforms, and sensors in support of ocean research, national defense, and commercial industries.

Introducing Seatrec’s  infiniTE™ float – the first-of-its-kind platform with plug-and-play sensors, powered by clean, renewable energy to solve the power limitation issues of legacy floats. The platform vertically integrates a wide range of sensors (previously impossible to mount on a float because of power limitations) with a pioneering energy harvesting system that generates electricity from the ocean’s temperature differences. Seatrec floats can profile up to 3x per day, at a depth of up to 1000 meters compared to legacy floats that profile once every 10 days. These next-generation floats can be launched from sailboats with no carbon footprint and are built for endurance, facilitating long-term, data-gathering deployments.

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Seatrec's History of Innovation

From a visionary prototype in 2009, SOLO-TREC revolutionized underwater exploration as the first UUV powered solely by the ocean’s temperature differences. With its initial success of performing 1000 daily profiles at 500 meters, SOLO-TREC set a new possibility for oceanic data collection. After spinning out the technology from JPL, we founded Seatrec.  Our first product was the SL-1, which was coupled with a Sea-bird Navis float (Navis SL-1).  Our latest product – the infiniTE™  float – combines our energy-patented system into a new vertically integrated float system capable of supporting power-hungry sensors like echosounders and hydrophones. With the infiniTE™ float leading the charge, ocean data capture has reached a new level of discovery.

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