Powering up Underwater Drones

Seatrec offers a family of energy harvesting technologies to power underwater robots (ocean floats and gliders), platforms, and sensors in support of ocean research, national defense, and commercial industries.

SL1-Powered Profiling Float

Seatrec’s SL1 can dramatically extend float lifetimes, increase profiling rates, reduce cost per profile, and support energy-intensive sensors for biogeochemical and acoustical studies. The SL1 is available for integration with profiling floats, including the BGC Argo variant of the Sea-Bird Scientific Navis Profiling Float. If you need more power, simply attach twin SL1 units or order a customized system to meet your specifications. We’ve proven the ability to reach operating depths of 1000 meters, with plans to develop a system to reach 2000m and deeper.

We currently have active deployments in multiple regions including the Gulf of Mexico, where our system is profiling three times a day at a depth of 750 meters.

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