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Seatrec designs and manufactures energy harvesting solutions that generate electricity from naturally occurring temperature differences in ocean waters. Our modules enable oceanographic researchers to extend mission life and optimize data capture in the most eco-friendly manner possible. Other applications include oceanic robotics, ocean energy stations, and polar environmental research.

Extend the operational life of your oceanic equipment and mission life considerably with infinite power.

Save on costs even while increasing sensors, data collections, and frequency of profiles.

Eliminate battery littering in the ocean by powering equipment with clean, renewable energy.

Oceanic RoboticsOur products reduce toxic battery waste and enable underwater drones to perform longer and more complex missions

Ocean Energy StationsThe Office of Naval Research (ONR) is supporting our efforts to develop underwater power stations to support defense, industry, and aquaculture

Polar Environment ResearchWith support from NOAA and ONR we are developing methods to extract energy from the extreme air-sea temperature differences found at high latitudes

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