Meet Bob Musselman

Interim Head of Sales

The Submariner

Bob Musselman heads up sales for Seatrec.  In addition to direct sales he coordinates our direct and indirect sales reps and provides feedback for future product development.  Prior to joining our team, Bob was the Lead Executive-in-Residence (“Head Coach”) at the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, where he acted as an advisor to Seatrec among other startup companies.

Having graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy with a BS in systems engineering, Bob’s career in the U. S. Navy included tours on three nuclear submarines as an engineering and weapons officer, and retired from the Naval Reserves with the rank of Captain.  His last assignment was as the reserve commanding officer of Submarine Base Pearl Harbor.  Bob’s civilian career included CEO assignments for capital equipment and engineering services companies, including turnarounds and venture-backed startups.

In his long career, Bob gets a kick out of landing an order and watching a system his company produces operate successfully for a client.  His interest in Seatrec stems from his focus on environmental sustainability, and Seatrec fits the bill not only from our renewable energy generation but from enabling systems and data generation in our war against climate change.

On Land and On Sea

Fun facts:

Bob is an avid hiker. You’ll find him every weekend somewhere in the San Gabriel Mountains.




Bob has lived in 13 states, but claims Georgia, where he went to high school, as “back home.”


Kids, grandkids, history, geeky technical stuff, hiking, and dinner with his wife, Sue.


Bob can hang a spoon from the end of his nose, and analyzed handwriting for spare change (and dates) while hanging out on the beach as a midshipman.


Probably the smallest and slowest back to play division 1 football.  A special ops thing in the Navy.  And a couple of turnarounds.  Oh, and the grandkids.

Bucket list:

Either done or erased.


Show me a mountain trail.

Dream Job:

I’ve had them all. Now I just want to see Seatrec succeed.

"Companies don’t make decisions, people do.”-Bob Musselman